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  1. Plup
A. Cooking accelerator
This product is a cooling accelerator used in Kraft pulping process. By improving the penetration ability of AQ and/or PS contained cooking liquor, it improves cooking and delignification efficiency to get higher pulp yield and lower chemical consumption.
B. Scale inhibitor
This product is a scale inhibitor and scale dispersant used in Kraft pulping process where heavy scaling problem occurs due to the specific high hardness, high temperature and high alkalinity conditions in the system. It is effective in inhibiting calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and calcium oxalate scales.
C. Defoamer
This product is a defoamer used in kraft pulping process where heavy foaming problem occurs due to high concentrations of salt and surface active substances (lignin, extractives, etc). Its dosage is only 1/5 that of general mineral oil type defoamers to have efficient foam control performance. Being in ultra-micro emulsion state, it does not affect the performance of vacuum washers while reduces pitch troubles.
D. H2O2 Stabilizer
This product is a peroxide stabilizer employed in peroxide bleaching of pulps. By effectively inhibiting metal ion activities, it reduces peroxide consumption while improving brightness results.
E. Oxygen bleaching accelerator
This product is an oxygen bleaching accelerator used in oxygen bleaching of Kraft pulp. As a special nonionic surfactant, it accelerates the diffusion and penetration speed of oxygen and alkali to increase delignifying and bleaching efficiency, meanwhile, it improves pulp quality and helps obtain higher pulp yield.