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  A. Disintegrate promoter
  B. Strength agent
  C. Retention agent
  D. Fixing agent
  E. Drainage aid
  F. Pitch control agent
  G. Scale inhibitor
  H. Slime control��
  I. De-aerating agent
  J. Felt Cleaning agent
  K. Surface Sizing Agent
  L. Anti Curl Agent
  M. Water & Oil Repellant
  3. Paper making
A. Disintegration promoter This product is designed to promote disintegrating waste papers where epoxy resins are used to increase the physical strengths and water repellent properties of paper. It increases disintegrating speed, saves electricity and cost, and improves the end product properties.
B. Strength agent These strength agents can be used in wide pH ranges, under acidic or neutral papermaking conditions.
Dry strength agent
Wet strength agent
C. Fixing agent This product is a pitch fixing agent which effectively controls pitch problems. Meanwhile it can improve the efficiency of retention aids, dry and wet strength agents, and internal sizing agents, or reduce their use amounts while keeping the same effects.
D. Retention agent These products are non-toxic modified polyacrylamide polymer derivatives, providing drainage, retention and formation improvements in papermaking. Being in liquid form, they are easy handling.
E. Drainage aid This product has high performance in improving retention and enhancing drainage, leading to higher productivity and lower energy consumption, and therefore it reduces production cost. Especially it is effective for liner paper, tube paper, manila paper, and other high basis weight papers.
F. Pitch control agent These products are water-soluble polymers with high cationic charge density. They are very effective in neutralizing anionic charges and fixing anionic trashes onto paper fibers, preventing them from contaminating the papermaking system.
G. Scale inhibitor These products have extinguishing scale inhibiting and deposit control effects even used in very small amounts. They are very effective for high hardness water systems, especially for controlling scale deposits at fan pumps, screens, suction rolls in papermaking process.
H. Slime control agent These products are low-dosage-widely-effective slimicides in killing bacteria and fungi which cause slime troubles in paper mills.
I. De-aerating agent This product is a fatty alcohol emulsion de-aerating agent for papermaking processes. It is very effective in removing entrained airs and micro-bubbles in paper stock. Also it is good at inhibiting bubble production.
J. Felt cleaning agent These products are designed to clean inorganic scales and organic pitch components contaminating wires and press felts in papermaking processes. They shorten cleaning time but have good cleaning efficiency.
K. Surface sizing agent This product is a surface sizing agent for high quality papers. It is used together with starch, CMC, PVA, etc., to improve size degree, water resistance, surface strength, printability and stiffness while reducing the use of internal sizing agents.
Starch insolubilizer This product is designed to cross-link starch and make it less soluble. Therefore it reduces dusting problems of paper during printing.
L. Anti-curling agent SCCO PS-2300 is a rapid curing agent used for preventing paper curling by balancing the expanded state of paper due to water absorption in coating laminating process.
M. Water Oil Repellant These products are coated to paper surface to give the paper extinguishing water and oil repelling properties without changing the basic physical properties of paper.