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  6. Specialty chemicals
An emulsifier for making emulsified paste used in dye/pigment printing process is having excellent emulsifying and viscosity control effects. THICKENER LDS
Anti-slip agent
An anti-slip agent commonly applied to padding method, but to dipping and spraying methods are also suitable. It has good durability for washing and dry cleaning, and good compatibility with other additives such as water repellant, thus they can be used together. ANTISLIP DAS
Anti-glossy agent
An anti-glossy agent solving friction trace and too-glossy problems that often appear on the surface of rayon or polyester textiles by changing the light refraction ratio. The influence on touch can be minimized. With its good compatibility, it is possible to use one-bath method for treating other additives, and it shows good anti-slippery performance. NEWTEX SPC
A dispersant that enhances the dispersibility of disperse dyes during its manufacturing. Being very low in salt content, it does not cause troubles on dyes. DYEPERSE NS
Anti-dust agent
An anti-dusting agent that is suitable for all dyes by suppressing the dye scattering troubles during dye manufacturing. It helps improve dye dispersibility and solubility, but it absolutely does not cause bad effects on color-shades. ANTIDUST BO