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  J. Ion exchange resin cleaner
  A. Multifunctional boiler
  B. Boiler compound (for high       hardness)
  C. Boiler compound (for water       tube)
  D. Non-PO4 type boiler
  E. Boiler compound (for high       pressure)
  F. Oxygen Scavenger
  G. Corrosion inhibitor (for       condensate)
  H. Corrosion inhibitor (for hot       water)
  I. Corrosion inhibitor (for
     shutdown  boiler)
  K. Cleaning agent
  L. Neutralizer and anti-corrosion      agent
  1. Boiler Water Chemicals
A. Multifunctional boiler compound
These products are one-liquid-multifunctional boiler compounds. They have the effects of easing scale and corrosion inhibition, sludge dispersion, dissolved oxygen removal and pH adjustment.Feed water hardness: < 100 mg/LBoiler pressure: < 10-20 kgf/cm2Suitable for cylindrical boilers and water-tube-boilers
W-100 series
B. Boiler compound (for high hardness)
This product can be used to boilers where raw water is used as feed water without additional pretreatments. Regardless of pressure conditions, it prevents scaling and turns hardness components into soft flowing sludge that can be discharged during blowing.
C. Boiler compound (for water tube)
These products are used in small size tube boilers where contact temperature is extraordinary high and general boiler compounds are unsuitable to be used. Especially it is good for boilers with steam amount lower than 1ton/day.
W-151 (for food grade)
D. Non-PO4 type boiler compound
These products are non-PO4 multi-functional boiler compounds that can substitute boiler-compounds-for-high-hardness-systems (dosage is too high). They are composed of specific polymers therefore they are good choices in case phosphate regulations apply.
E. Boiler compound (for high pressure)
This product is used in boilers where pure water is used as feed water or pressure is over 40kgf/cm2
F. Oxygen Scavenger These products are input into boiler supply water. By removing oxygen in the tube water, it can prevent oxygen-induced corrosion problems. W-131, 132
W-137, 138
G. Corrosion inhibitor (for condensate) These products are volatile amine anti-corrosion agents. They can adjust the pH of feed water and condensate water to weak alkaline conditions and inhibit corrosion. They are used together with oxygen scavengers when applying boiler compounds for high hardness systems. W-134,135
H. Corrosion inhibitor (for hot water) This product is a scale inhibitor only used in hot-water room-heating boilers where temperature is between 70-160°C and pure water or soft water is used as feed water. W-181
I. Corrosion inhibitor (for shutdown boiler) These products are used to inhibit corrosion when boilers are necessary to be shut down temporarily or for a long time for maintenance purposes. W-161
J. Ion exchange resin cleaner These products are used to recover the properties of ion exchange resins when they are contaminated with Fe or organic compounds and show lowered performances. W-171, 172
K. Cleaning agent These products are used to clean the cutting oils, grease dirt, sands, and mud scales present in the tube lines of new boilers or the interior parts of appliances, also they can be used to clean pipelines contaminated with scales or by corrosion during operation. W-5100 series
L. Neutralizer and anti-corrosion agent This product is used to neutralize and prevent corrosion after acid cleaning. W-136