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  1. Steel
HCl pickling inhibitor
These products are used in acid pickling treatment on steel sheets. They do not affect the acid pickling speed, but they can inhibit lowering of surface smoothness due to excess corrosion, prevent hydrogen enbrittlement, and reduces fume generation. Especially these products are suitable for acid pickling of cold rolling steel sheet and wire codes.
SCCO SI-7, SI-8, SI-10,
H2SO4 inhibitor
This product is an inhibitor used in acid pickling or cleaning by sulfuric acid. It has stable effect at ambient temperature or heated conditions.
Volatile corrosion inhibitor
This product is a low toxic, volatile corrosion inhibitor. It inhibits corrosion occur in the course of transporting or keeping steels and irons. It has superior effects in high humidity conditions, and its long-term preserving property is excellent.
2. Leathering
Lime penetration aid
This product makes lime particles finer and thus easier to penetrate into leathers, which helps obtain tight structures.  
Dye yield improver
This product is used in dyeing with acidic dyes. It can reduce the use of dyes by 20-30%. Especially it shows superior effect in re-dyeing.  
Oil and fat distribution improver
This product is used to distribute oil and fat components uniformly into inner parts of leather. This improves physical persistence and gives flexibility and softness.  
Oil and fat removing agent
This is a low foaming product which can easily remove fatty materials and trashes in leather.  
3. Construction
This product is an adhesive for fire proofing wall bricks.  
Anti-slipping agent
This product can be easily used in construction to the floors of swimming pools and bathrooms to permanently prevent the slipperiness.  
Adiabatic paint
This product has heat reflecting and heat resistant properties. When buildings are painted with it inside or outside, it gives adiabatic and anti-misting effects.  
Curing agent for phenol resin
This product is a curing agent for phenol resin which is used as binder in glass manufacturing.  
Binder for ceramic fiber
This product is a water-soluble binder used in manufacturing ceramic fiber adiabatic materials.