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  Peroxide   stabilizer
  Sizing   additives
  Weaving   additives
  De-sizing agent
  Scouring agent
  Dye bath   lubricant
  Leveling agent
  Dye fixing   agent
  Antistatic agent
  Water repellent
  4. Polyamide
Product groups
Sizing additive
It functions as for high soft and smoothness, blocking prevention, and anti-static effect in synthetic fiber sizing process. SIZELUB SLDSWOSIZSTAT PC, SASIZWET WA
Weaving additive
It improves the flow-ability of dropped sizing paste occurs in Water Jet Loom (WJL) weaving, and also having sterilization effects. EZDROPES
De-sizing agent
Using for removing of size from the fabric prior to scouring, bleaching, and dyeing. Synthetic or enzymatic ones are available. DESIZER DSR
Scouring agent
With its stable emulsifying and good dispersing powers it exfoliates the contaminants and prohibits re-depositing if applied for scouring. CLEANTEX OZ, SCA
Peroxide stabilizer
Giving enhanced whiteness and reducing the consumptions of peroxide and additives in peroxide bleaching process. SATBLEPEROX PON
Dye bath lubricant
It is non-foaming bath lubricant suitable for flocking, raising, and anti-creasing treatments by minimizing kinetic and static frictions. DYELUB ACA, ACF, BSA
Leveling agent
It is possible to have scouring/dyeing in same bath with proper leveling effects and gives good color reproducibility and clear color shade. DYERONGTL, XS, WN, ACID
Dye fixing agent
A fixing agent for acidic dyestuff has excellent light-fastness, chlorine-fastness, etc. and no dye bleeding during washing. DYEFIXNPA
De-aerating agent
An alcohol based de-aerating agent easily emulsified in cold water and very stable in a broad pH range (up to pH 12), is giving last long anti-foaming and de-aerating effects. ANTIFOAM 9HL
It enhances the fiberí»s softness, anti-static effect, and others but no dye sublimation, and having silicone, PE wax types. SOFFINISH SAL, SAS, PGL
Antistatic agent
An antistatic agent for synthetic fibers to prevent static, it enhances touch and causes no color change, and having anti-contaminant effect. ANTISTATIC ACM, DE, DAS, AMH
Water repellant
It is for the finishing process giving water repelling property to the fiber, which promoting excellent softness, silky touch and evenly raising effects. REPEL W30(W50), AID,
Soaping agent
Excellently removing and wash it out the excess dyestuff on the fabric after dyeing, it enhances color-yield, wash-fastness and fadeout problem. CLEANALLSP, RNA, JDI